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Is there a guarantee that something that happened once, won’t happen again?
Is there a finality that a feeling once felt, a moment once treasured, won't happen again?
Can we know for sure what our chances are in a given situation?
Do we say, “I love you” because we want to know if that person loves us too?
Or is it a proclamation of your feelings because you want them to know how much they mean to you?
Does saying “I love you” lessen in its magnanimity if it’s said too often?
Does its value lessen if it becomes a habit of leaving a small “love you” after every note you pen down?
Is loving an act of doing, being or becoming? Is it all three and more?
Can it be defined in a textbook?
Can someone love too much and then not at all?
Can someone love just enough and get by?
Does love always have to be all encompassing and consuming?
Can it be light, free and colourful?
Can you find passion in love and comfort in it too?
Is it like a gush of wind or a light breeze that's ever-present?
Is it butterflies in the stomach or the feeling of having a meal well-fed?
Can it be instantaneous or do you have to give it time? Can time ever be a factor for the intensity with which one feels for another?
Can you love without expectations?
Does it hurt after every love that remains unrequited?
Can love ever be unrequited?
Is love silent and patient, or overbearing and tempestuous?
Does loving someone need physical proximity?
Does being intimate say all about love?
Can you accept yourself and love you too?
Can you love someone and accept them too?
Is caring and nurturing an expression of love?
Is loving without expressions any less?
Does love need a name?
Does it need to be translated to take it to the next level?
Can anyone every justify why they feel what they do?
Should anyone have to?
Can your love be a “definitely, maybe”?
Can you ever know for sure what love is just by knowing what it isn’t?
What do you seek?

Is it the colours on a rainbow or the pot of gold, the shades of a leaf or the flowers that bloom?

Is there any right answer?

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